Hazrat Qasim bin Imam Hassan (as) Mehendi in Karbala

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Hazrat Qasim bin Imam Hassan (as) Mehendi in Karbala

Post by sa jaffry on Sat Mar 08, 2008 3:31 am

During the present times when the anti shia propaganda of wahabi’s which has penetrated into shias in the form of some paid clergymen calling upon us to disrespect the effigies and saying that the Mehendi (Hena) ceremony never happened and that it is a Hindu custom which is introduced into the shias of Pakistan to discredit the religious events, the observance of Mehendi ceremony in Karbala by thousands of Iraqi mourners is a Slap on the faces of those who dare to open their mouth against effigies and such sacred acts of mourning. These ceremonies are not only approved by the Grand scholars but high ranking scholars term it as (Shaa’ir Allah) Signs of Allah and something that is associated with great blessings.

As you will see below in the pictures that the observance of Hena ceremony by the Iraqi Shias proves that such ceremonies are not restricted to Pakistan and India and are not Hindu influence which has penetrated into shias but is something that even the residents of Karbala have been observing since a long time raising doubts upon the person himself who is trying discredit these acts of mourning.

Whenever the day of Ashura (the gruesome day when the son of Imam Ali (as) and Lady Fatima (as) - grandson of holy Prophet Muhammad (as), Imam Al-Hussein (as), was slaughtered unjustly in the burning plain of Karbala along with his 72 family members & faithful companions at the hands of Yazid s/o Muawiya (lanatullah)) gets nearer, the mourning takes over every single shia around the world specially those who are in the holy city of Karbala.

On Muharram 7, which is specified with the Hena (Mehendi) processions and majalis of 13-year-old Hazrat Al-Qasim bin Imam Hasan bin Imam Ali (as) who got married to the daughter of his uncle Imam Hussein bin Imam Ali (as) on the night of Ashura. His holy body was trampled by horses of Yazidi forces chopping him into pieces.

Tens of thousands of mourners including little children attends the Hena procession of Hazrat Qasim bin Imam Hassan (as) holding decorated Hena dishes, colorful standards, candles, oil and sweats while crying and beating their chest to mourn the ill treatment of this brave 13 years old soldier of Banu Hashim

The procession touching through the streets of the holy city, reaches at the main gate of the holy shrine of Imam Hussein (as) where loud voices are heard to welcome Hazrat Qasim bin Imam Hassan (as), nephew and son-in-law of Imam Hussein (as). At the shrine, throngs are standing in lines to welcome an effigy of Hazrat Qasim (as) who arrives on the horse back.

After this, the procession enters the holy shrine where the same scene is re-enacted when Hazrat Qasim bin Imam Hassan (as) had asked Imam Al-Hussein (as) for permission to go to battlefield in his support, and how Imam (as) refused to allow him for he was the only sign of his beloved brother Imam Hassan Al-Mujtaba (as).

As much as the procession comes nearer to the holy grave of Imam Hussein (as), the sounds of drums goes aloud reminding the tragedies of

The mourners offer deep condolences with tears and chest beating to Imam Hussein (as) on the martyrdom of Hazrat Qasim bin Imam Hassan (as

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Re: Hazrat Qasim bin Imam Hassan (as) Mehendi in Karbala

Post by musayyab on Sun Mar 09, 2008 12:23 am

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