No journey begins without a first step

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No journey begins without a first step

Post by Shiabelievers on Fri Apr 10, 2009 7:04 am

No journey begins without a first step

journey begins without a first step. No action takes place without a
small beginning. Human life begins with one little cell division. Giant
trees begin with a sprout from a small seed. If the first small actions
would not take place, everything would come to a halt.
Do you have a dream? Do you have something that you want to do;
something you have a passion for? Why haven't you done it? The reasons
may be many but the main reason is that you have not taken that first
step. We can fantasize about how things could be different if only . .
. We can pretend that they are different. But they will not really be
different until we take that first step. Our achievements will not
happen just by thinking it so.
Stand up! Take a big breath. Stretch out the mind and body. Lift one
foot . . . there that's it. Now move it forward. Now put it down. A
step! Progress! You are ahead of where you were. Take that first step,
though you are uncertain, fearful, unsteady. The boldness of that first
step will make the next steps easier. "Boldness has genius, power and
magic in it." Take that first small step and you are on your way to
realizing your dreams.
Best Of Luck
Best Of Luck

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