2nd Muharram

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2nd Muharram

Post by Shiabelievers on Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:10 pm

AsSalam-o-Alaikum, Members of Shia world unity Group

The 2nd of Muharram 1430 A.H. - Arrival of Imam Hussain(a.s.) and his family
and friends in Karbala.

It was the 8th of ZilHijjah when Imam Hussain (a.s.) converted his Hajj plan
into Umra and left Makkah [Mecca] just two days before the Hajj. He is the first
haji to do so in the history of Islam. He took along most members of his
immediate family and some steadfast friends and set off for Iraq in order to
avoid bloodshed in the Holy city of Makkah.

On his way, he was confronted by one of the Lieutenants of Yazeed named Hur
along with his army. Hur asked Imam(a.s.) to abandon his plan to go to Kufa and
that he should accept the Caliphate of Yazeed or could opt to go to some other
place which is outside the Caliphate of Yazeed. Imam(a.s.) told him not to
demand the acceptance of Caliphate of Yazeed since it was not possible and
because Yazeed was a usurper and wanted to destroy the face of Islam.

Imam Hussain(a.s.) started traveling again along with his family members and
companions. Hur and his soldiers accompanied them in order to make sure that
they do not head towards and arrive in Kufa. On the 2nd of Muharram, this group
arrived at a place where Imam(a.s.) picked up some sand and smelled it and after
smelling inquired from the local inhabitants as to what was the name of this
place. Some people said it was called NAINAWA, some said it was called GHAZARIYA
and then a group of old men mentioned that it was also called KARBALA.

On hearing this, Imam(a.s.) ordered his men to stop and camp there and then
said “This is the place about which was mentioned to me by my grandfather and
my father. We will stay here and our blood will be spilled here and our women
and children will be made captive here.” He then pointed out to various
places and indicated that “My son Ali Akbar will be killed here, my nephew
Qasim will be killed over there and my brother Abbas will be killed here close
by the river and at the end, I will be slaughtered here”. The womenfolk and
children of Imam(a.s.) were also listening to this sermon and finally when
Imam(a.s.) said “... and my son Ali Asghar will be killed by a spear over
here....” his daughter Sakina(a.s.) said “O my father, will the tyrants
enter our camps” Imam(a.s.) replied “not until I am alive, I will carry Ali
Asghar myself into the battle field”.

Ala Lanatullahe ala Qaum-az-Zalimeen - May Allah curse the cruel tribe which
committed atrocities on the ahl-e-bait(a.s.) of Prophet Mohammad(sawaw)
Best Of Luck
Best Of Luck

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