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.:: Mash'al: Hamas not to recognize Israel ::.

Post by Admin on Tue May 06, 2008 1:53 am

Head of Political Office of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) said Monday night Hamas would never recognize Israel's legitimacy.

Speaking at a press conference in Syrian capital city, Khaled Mash'al added, "Hamas is agreed with the establishment of an independent Palestinian country, whose capital would be at the Holy Qods, on condition that there would be no Zionist townships inside it."

Mash'al who was responding to a question on former American president Jimmy Carter's package of proposals, added, "Our proposal was that rather than recognizing the legitimacy of Israel, the two sides would agree with announcing a ten-year truce."

On Carter's proposal for unilateral ending of shooting Al-Qassam Missiles for 30 days as a prelude to a comprehensive truce, he said, Hamas has the record of having done so unilaterally before, but this never altered Israel's antagonist stands.

Mash'al said, "Hamas told Carter that it cannot do so, expressing hope that in his talks with our Egyptian brethren he would manage to reach an agreement aimed at calming both sides."



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